Coloured Overlay Dyslexia & Visual Stress Reading Rulers (Duo)


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Coloured Reading Ruler for adults and children with dyslexia and those who suffer from visual stress, also known as Scotopic Sensitivity. Helps to overcome reading difficulties.

Many children and adults (probably more than 10% of the overall UK population) suffer from Visual stress, also known as Scotopic Sensitivity. This condition makes reading text for long periods very difficult and uncomfortable. Sufferers complain of letters appearing to jump around or bunch together or fade and of losing their place when reading. Reading fluency is disrupted making the entire process slow, effortful and problematic. Some individuals suffer from migraines or itchy eyes when reading. For children learning to read, this condition can lead to anxiety and negativity and a general reluctance to read.

Tinted / Coloured Reading Rulers can dramatically improve reading speed, accuracy and fluency.

Also available in classroom pack of 30 rulers (5 aqua, 5 yellow, 4 grass, 3 pink, 3 sky, 2 orange, 2 jade, 2 purple, 2 magenta and 2 celery).