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We supply parents and schools with resources and teaching aids for children and adults with dyslexia, dyspraxia and SEN. The resources on offer are tried and tested and really can make a difference to educational achievement and personal development.
  • Featured Products

  • Cursive Handwriting Whiteboard Set

    Whiteboard for practising letter formation. National Literacy Strategy approved fonts. Cursive style writing with starting point and direction prompts. Supplied with dry-wipe pen. A4 size.
  • Write-it-right Training Handwriting Pen & Pencil Grip Writing Aid

    This teaching aid helps children to master hand writing quickly and easily. It enables users to hold a pen or pencil correctly. It helps children to adopt the correct finger position and master the optimal slant of the pen or pencil.
  • PenAgain Twist n Write Pencil

    Teaches children the right way to write. Wishbone shaped design ensures the correct tripod grip. Ideal for improving control and consistency of handwriting